Sunday, June 22, 2008

Your Crumbling Past - Cony High School

School Bus Parking - Not Any More

Photos By Justin Franz

When you leave a place, even if it for only a year, things change. For me that change was the removal of Cony High School in Augusta, Maine, where I attended for four years. For the first three years we were in a 1960s era building that had been added on to the original school dating back to the early 1900s. In my Senior year we moved to a new building, leaving the run down and tired 60s era school behind. The original school has been preserved, yet the addition was taken down early in the Summer of 2008.
By the time I returned to Augusta in May I was quite surprised to see how much was gone and decided to record what was left before it was too late. So late one night recently I headed down to shoot what was left. Here are the results. Within days this section of the building would be gone.

While setting up on the sidewalk an Augusta cop pulled up. Within a few moments he was helping with lighting from his car. Talk about luck!

Preserved: The Old Flat Iron building will survive as a monument to Augusta's past.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Life In The West

Photos By Justin Franz

Missoula, Montana is more then a place. It's a way of life, where people are much more relaxed and actually slow down to enjoy life. That's something I've noticed since leaving Missoula, where I attend school at the University of Montana, just a few weeks ago. Even here in Maine, "The way life should be," people seem rushed and hurried. It's not like that in Missoula; In the west.

I was able to meet Missoula and the people and places that make it up through the lens of my camera for my Basic Photojournalism class and the images that follow are from that effort. It's hard to capture a way of life on film, but maybe with these few images you too will get an idea of what "Life In The West" is like.

PBR: Missoula's Favorite - University of Montana Lacrosse Game - April 2008Montana Rail Link "Dirt Train" - Bonner, Montana - May 2008University of Montana Steam Plant Operator Jack Burns - January 2008

University of Montana Lacrosse Game - April 2008University of Montana student - Clark Fork River - Spring 2008"Philadelphia Phil" - Northern Pacific Depot - Spring 2008Robert Basher - Quality Seamless Gutters - Spring 2008House builder - Depot St - Spring 2008

Montana Rail Link Chief of Safety and Security Pete Lawrenson

Thanks to everyone who didn't have a problem with a college student and a camera (and big time thanks to Lynda Frost of MRL)