Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Time In Montana

Photo By Justin Franz

Finally after what seems like forever, winter has released its icy grip on western Montana. The weather is wonderful and the greens of Spring aren't far behind. While this is the first post since Febuary, I haven't stopped railfanning. Seven days in late March were spent criss-crossing Montana Rail Link in western Montana over my Spring Break and the results of that effort can be seen on (Check the link at the bottom of the right column). And not to worry, it wasn't all burned into pixels, plenty of Kodachrome 64 was burned during the week.

Hellgate Canyon, April 2008

With school finishing up, finding time to railfan is tough but with the awsome weather it tough not to. That was the case on Saturday, April 12 after waking up around noon and heading out to Hellgate Canyon, on the eastside of the University of Montana campus this westbound BNSF coal train was lensed coming into town. The path at the bottom of the image is the former Milwaukee Road right of way. The grass ain't green and the mountains are still snow capped, but spring is coming to western Montana.