Monday, January 12, 2009

White Powder, Black Dimonds

By Justin Franz

One from the cutting room floor
Newburg, West Virginia. March 2007. Photo by Justin Franz

In March 2007, Mike Confalone, Joe Posik, Tim Franz and myself made a three day trip to 'Wild and Wonderful' West Virginia to photograph the former Baltimore and Ohio 'West End', today CSXs Mountain Sub. What ensued were three intense days of winter railfanning as we criss-crossed northern West Virginia and western Maryland in search of Color Positon Lights, Interlocking Towers, coal train and of course the wild railroading of West 'By God' Virginia.

Now the whole story of that trip is told in the pages of Railroad Explorer Magazine in 10-page special 'White Powder, Black Diamonds - Four New England Railfans Head South.' The Winter 2009 issue tells the entire story authored by myself and illustrated by all four of us.
The Winter 2009 issue of Railroad Explorer is on sale now for $9.95.
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